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Zealancer Team

Managing Director

Dr. Rainer Kurz
Managing Director

Customer Admin

Florian Kerker
Customer Admin

Customer Admin

Omer Can
Customer Admin

Customer Admin

Fabian Repetz
Customer Admin


Roman Arnold


Andreas Ehrlich


Urs Enke

What makes us tick

Our history: The Zealancer group was founded in 2004 by Business Consultant; Rainer Kurz (PhD). Rainer, who is a freelancer himself, was dissatisfied with existing project brokers and created Zealancer as an introduction platform, aiming to be as efficient and fair as possible for all parties.

Our processes: Our project introduction aims to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. According to a study by the University of Hamburg, the average freelancer spends about 40% of the time with project acquisition. Our goal is to reduce these acquisition costs to one per cent of the freelancing value chain. We achieve this through a transparent and neutral marketplace in conjunction with a suitable system of incentives. This motivates the market participants to behave responsibly. Our lean and clearly structured processes result in low transaction costs and thus low fees for our users.

Our team: For an Internet-based marketplace with clearly defined and efficient processes, the personal relationship is often not a key priority. Nevertheless, we want to inspire and surprise our customers through professional, friendly and cooperative communication. We achieve this also through employees who can choose for themselves, when, where, what and how they work without having to bring their private life into the company.

Our values: Since Zealancer is not financed by the capital market, financial success (shareholder value) is not our sole objective. It is just as important to us to create benefits for our freelancers, requesters, employees and society. We do not want to make money with services that do not create benefits for our customers. In case of doubt, we prefer to donate our turnover to a benevolent cause than to enrich us in a dubious or unjustified way.

Our mission: Zealancer aims to be the home of all Kiwi freelancers working in the B2B area. From accountants to web-designers. From development aid workers to hardware developers. From student freelancers to freelance supervisory board members. We want to contribute so more freelancers find suitable assignments and more companies find suitable freelancers. Through compelling services, we want to grow both within our market and expand into new countries, industries and target groups.


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Zealancer.nz (previously NZexperts.co.nz)
info@zealancer.nz, Paypal: info@zealancer.nz

Zealancer is provided by: Freelance-Market International GmbH
Plettenberg Street 19, 70186 Stuttgart / Germany
Trade register: HRB767278, VAT no.: DE322093871

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