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United States: Our international marketplace might fit better: www.freelancer.international

Zealancer: New Zealand’s most transparent marketplace for all freelancers

Zealancer is the marketplace for all freelancers and clients from New Zealand. You do not need to register, just select the most suitable freelancer directly - free and in seconds!

Even in the case of an assignment we will not charge you (the client directly pays the freelancer). Just click on the left side on one of our 35 freelancer categories to find the most suitable freelancer.

Zealancer has been developed in coope­ration with Nobel Prize winner Reinhard Selten as a highly transparent marketplace for the most efficient introduction of freelancers.


Freelancers: Why use Zealancer?

Freelancers in New Zealand do not like to be constantly engaged in hopeless applications to recruitment agents who charge a large ongoing commission for the duration of the relationship.

New Zealand freelancers prefer to enter into a direct contract with the client. Through Zealancer, the client searches for the most appropriate freelancer with 37% of all introductions resulting in direct contracts*.

The hourly rate is clearly stated up front, removing the necessity for further price negotiations. As a result, we generate an annual average of 2.2 projects per active freelancer, about ten times more than most other job brokers... more

*: Average conversion rate. Our most professional freelancers get up to 80%.

Free document from 23.07.24: The Art of Picking the Superstars

Freelancer-Documents This article looks at the importance of appointing personnel who have the ability to work under pressure, have excellent client facing skills, are empathetic and have the 'soft' skills necessary to rally the resources necessary to achieve the end object. Using the sporting vernacular, these are the corporate superstars. The article takes a historic perspective on predicting employee performance with specific emphasis on the importance of emotional intelligence (EI) and its application in the workplace. (PDF file, 5 pages, 121 KB)

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